Tree Removal

Say Goodbye to Your Problem Tree

Say Goodbye to Your Problem Tree

Reach out today for tree removal services in the Petersburg & Colonial Heights, VA areas

Have you noticed trees that are leaning or looking dangerous? Need a tree removed for a construction project? Choose a tree removal service from Peter Branch Tree Service, LLC. We'll remove trees from homes and businesses in the Petersburg and Colonial Heights, VA regions.

Our team can cut down any sized tree that's in any state of health. We'll also remove trees that are hanging over power lines or presenting a hazard to your property. Once we're done, we'll haul the debris away for you.

Want to save money on your tree removal service? Call 804-479-4467 today to get a free estimate.

Don't stay stuck with stumps

Stumps can be a hazard too. That's why we offer stump grinding and removal services. It's best to get rid of stumps before they can:

Cause you to trip and fall
House termites and other pests
Breed fungi that threaten your health

Take care of stumps once and for all. Reach out today to schedule your stump grinding or removal service.